To go geocaching, you need to be searching for a geocache. Geocache are typically weather proof containers housing a log book and trinkets left by geocachers who have already found it. If you find a geocache, you can sign the log book, take a trinket and leave a trinket. Think of geocaches as modern day treasure chests. There are however many unconventional geocaches. These can be much more tricky to find. They can be faux tree stumps that open, bolts that aren’t really bolts or something that can be easily hidden in plain sight. Geocaches are hidden in both wilderness and urban settings. Visit us on Pinterest and you can see all types of creative geocaches.


Geocaching is the outdoor activity that people undertake while searching for geocaches. Typically a geocache is defined by a GPS (global positioning system) coordinate and people search for these caches using a variety of techniques. While searching, you can use a compass, mobile GPS, a Garmin and any type of mapping support that you find gives you an advantage.

Geo Cash

Traditional geocaches hold trinkets of no or little value. Searching for them is truly a source of endless fun. The thrill of the hunt can be exhilarating and it is a great way to explore the outdoors or your surroundings. What sets Geo Cash apart from traditional geocaching is the fact that our caches are more like hidden treasure. Our first find prize can be exceptionally valuable. With so may places to explore and so many adventures to have, we thought it would be fun to channel our inner pirates and set out for some treasure caching.

Treasure Cache

Treasure caching is the hiding and searching for treasure caches. Our treasure caches may be filled with all of the things an explorer, treasure hunter, pirate or really anyone would with a sense of adventure would love to find. Treasure caches can be filled with gold, silver, rare coins, gems or any shiny, valuable object.