Geocaching is the outdoor activity people undertake while searching for geocaches. A geocache is typically a weather proof container that can be found with GPS coordinates. You can search for these caches using a variety of techniques. You can use a compass, mobile app GPS, a Garmin and any type of mapping support that gives you an advantage. To help you along, you will often have a clue to help lead you to the geocache. You can go geocaching by yourself or with a group of friends or family. Bring plenty of water, snacks and a first aid kit when venturing further out.There are geocaches everywhere so you can go geocaching anywhere.

GPS for geocaching


A Geocache is a weather proof container most likely housing a log book and trinkets. Geocaches are hidden and marked with GPS (global positioning system) coordinates or clues so people can find them while geocaching. If you find a geocache, you can sign the log book and most likely take a trinket and leave a trinket. Think of geocaches as modern day treasure chests just waiting for you to find them. There are some unconventional geocaches which can be more tricky to find. These geocaches are design to trick your eye so they can be hidden in plain sight. There are faux tree stumps, faux bolts, stones and much more. Geocaches are hidden in both in wilderness and in urban settings. Geocachers have been hiding geocaches for a long time and there are likely some near you right now.

Geocache with treasure

Treasure Cache

A treasure cache is a type of geocache that contains valuable treasure. Our treasure caches are filled with all of the things an explorer, treasure hunter, pirate or anyone with a sense of adventure would love to find. They can be filled with gold, silver, rare coins, gems or almost any shiny, valuable object. We have begun to hide our treasure caches all over the country. There are still some unfound treasures out there and we are hiding more all the time. Visit our Treasure Caches page and go treasure caching today.

treasure cache valuable geocache

Mystery Cache / Puzzle Cache

Mystery Caches are also known as puzzle caches. Rather than getting the GPS coordinates to find the geocache you are seeking, you’ll probably have to do some leg work. You may only receive partial coordinates and have to decipher the rest from a puzzle. You may have to decipher all of the coordinates. This puzzle could be almost anything. It could be a riddle, pictogram, trivia, maybe even some algebra. The puzzle could be anything really. Either way, figuring these out will require a little bit of cleverness. Puzzle caches add a whole different and fun element to geocaching.

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A multi-cache is a type of geocache where you will not find the phyical container at the first location. There will be multiple locations you must find that lead you to the next or final resting place of the physical geocache or treasure cache. Multi-caches will probably include some puzzles. At each location you will receive a clue that will help you get to the next location. In the end, you will find the cache you are looking for. Multi-caches can range from being simple to complex. They are challenging and can be a likely source of fun.

multi-cache treasure cache

GEO CASH Ultimate Geocaching

When we conceptualized GEO CASH, we truly wanted to design the ultimate geocaching adventure. We wanted to create something that would call to everyone’s inner “Indiana Jones” and maybe break a few rules in the process. At its core, the experience that we have designed is multi-cache. It will be the most expansive multi-cache to date and the final location will hold a $10,000 value. This could be in the form of cash, gold or maybe a big honkin’ jewel. We wanted this experience to encompass the outdoors while some of the location in this ultimate adventure could be in an urban setting. The game is designed to be completable in five days so that anyone, any family or any group can join the adventure during a week of summer vacation. To play, you must create a Geo Cache account where you can set up a profile and network with other cachers. The account is $9.99 to create. As a GEO CASH member, you can play our $10,000 adventure. You will also receive notifications when we hide treasure caches before the we post them online.

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